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Show Cases Series

Art and Design in the 20th century

Art & Design in the 20th century

Show Cases Series

Backlit photography by Jorge Cardoso

Light boxe by Jorge Cardoso

Show Cases Series

 Backlit photography by The Flipados Team

Light boxe by The Flipados Team

"Internet Dweller: iwuh.four.hsts"by Nam June Païk

Internet Dweller by Nam June Païk

"Esplanada" by A.DeLima

Black and White by A. DeLima

18X by The Flipados Team.JPG

New 18X by The Flipados Team 

1 visão s 1 colecção serie 4.jpg

1 Vision over 1 Collection (part 4)

Re collection.jpg

Re: collection by A. DeLima

Fite DePow-A.JPG

 Fite Depow-A by Jorge Cardoso

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